These screws have been designed to be ideal for fixing uppers on bottoms in the beach shoe or clog sector. The peculiarity of the thread allows the screw to be mounted by hammer, that is, without the need for screwing, to resist lateral tearing and can be unscrewed if necessary; on large lines where it is necessary to cope with a higher production speed, semi-automatic assembly machines can also be used. The advantage of mounting this product on the machine compared to the taped one means that after assembly, the unsightly plastic thread between the upper and the screw head cannot be seen.

The diameters are designed to adapt specifically to the different materials used in the footwear sector. We are therefore with the diameter 1.75 which is the top of the range for use on very hard components such as beech: the spiked tip allows you to penetrate safely reducing the risk of creating breakage veins to zero. The 2.4 / 6 diameter is used on pre-drilled beech: it is the classic screw that we find in Dr. Scholl's shoes. The diameter 3 - 3.5 on the other hand is the non plus ultra on polyurethane beach shoes.

The aesthetics of this type of head has the classic shape of the boss with the addition of the fake washer, obtained however in a single piece instead of having the typical head-stem assembly: this guarantees a better seal of the upper and higher mechanical characteristics.

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